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ShinyArt announces online video art partners

We’re pleased to announce the initial roster of video artists whose work will be available for rent through ShinyArt (www.shinyart.com). ShinyArt brings video art to businesses and homes through an online rental service. What is video art? Video art is … Continue reading

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water and its consequences

After viewing James Stone’s riveting new ShinyArt work, Protozone Origin, I cannot help but think of how poignant (and terrifying) this work really is if you look at the status of water around the globe. Protozone Origin features three sites … Continue reading

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Whoot Whoot…Who’s your Shiny Daddy?

Shout out to some new additions to the ShinyArt contributing team: Brazilian and French new media artists, Paulo RC Barros and Charlotte Cornaton! Look for their work in the coming days ahead…. If you like robots, gadgetry, and sci-fi, Barros’ … Continue reading

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Enervate your viscera

I scalped the title of this post – clearly I am not to be blamed.  It sounds simultaneously like a sexual come-on and a  euphemism for a frontal lobotomy. How often do you find that? Word to some new ShinyArt … Continue reading

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