Look out LA!

LA is all aflutter these days with the arrival of Art Platform, Pulse and Fountain ,  fast-paced art fairs featuring artwork ranging from the conventional to the more avant-garde, and by pioneering artists from SoCal and the rest of the world.

As art enthusiasts, artists, dealers and assorted arts impresarios peruse the city’s art offerings, we hope they also key into Artweek LA’s article featuring ShinyArt’s new iPad app!

After all, it’s the only app that offers a video art mini “exhibit” complete with spectacular artwork, anecdotes and intimate details shared by artists Nara Denning, Dean Mermell and Katina Bitsicas, interpretive info and a super streamlined interface. It’s great art, minus the crowds (and entrance fees)!

Check it out:


About shinyartshinyart

KKP is CEO and Founder of ShinyArt - a company designed to transform dull HD flat screens into canvases for some of the world’s most compelling moving art. She is also an art historian and adjunct professor at several schools in the Bay Area.
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