ShinyArt announces online video art partners

We’re pleased to announce the initial roster of video artists whose work will be available for rent through ShinyArt (

ShinyArt brings video art to businesses and homes through an online rental service.

What is video art? Video art is moving-image art that may explore narratives (like a short film), or express ideas through ambiguous narratives, collages of images, and abstract forms and colors. Its permutations and intentions are diverse.

ShinyArt enables customers to browse and access video art for  their flatscreen televisions, transforming them into works of art.

We are currently working with a handful of beta customers, but hope to have businesses and consumers rent video art right off of the ShinyArt website in Q4.

ShinyArt is pleased to announce we are working with the following artists:

Faisal Anwar: is a digital media artist based in Toronto; his work explores fictional, sociopolitical and “edutainment” narratives.

Paulo R. C. Barros: is a digital and sonorous artist with exhibitions to his credit in the US, throughout western and eastern Europe, Venezuela and Brazil.

Larry Caveney is interested in using his perfomative and video art to create bridges of communication within a  community. His work highlights the ways in which norms are constructed by societies by challenging their boundaries and laughing at his own conformity.

Russell J Chartier/ Paul J Botelho: Video artist Chartier manipulates images, colors and textures with unorthodox techniques such as “feedback loops” beamed to earth from satellites. Composer Paul J. Botelho focuses on the interaction between live and computer performance. His compositions utilize extended techniques, alternate tuning systems, as well as the interaction of new and old mediums.

Florent Cordier: is a VJ, video director and video artist who takes a painterly approach to his artwork through layering of text and image, and in stop-motion representations of his painting process and pictorial creation.

Charlotte Cornaton: based in Paris, Cornaton brings together her expertise as a ceramicist, graphic designer, and new media artist to create conversations between old and new “technologies” of art production. Her ShinyArt work Vanitas [Vanities] makes use of stop motion video to convey the simultaneous strength and fragility of earth and its inhabitants.

Christopher John Hobby/ R.J. Morey: animated digital artist, Hobby is inspired by the visual components of meditation and self-introspection such as mandalas and water imagery. His videos conjure ethereal “otherworlds” for contemplation reinforced by Morey’s digital electronic music attuned to specific frequencies and designed to relax the mind and body.

Marisela La Grave/ Magnetic Laboratorium: La Grave is a director and producer of video and performance art, as well as founder of Magnetic Laboratorium, a New York-based inter-media group that collaborates on the development and production of live art and media projects. Her work for ShinyArt features direct recordings from nature, overlaid with electronic resonant rhythms and distortions.

P.E. Mish: is a Toronto-based film director and cinematographer. He has extensive experience directing and shooting for everything from commercials to feature films.

James Stone’s video artwork draws on his interest in microorganisms by taking his camera deep into a river and cinematically composing the microscopic life under the surface. The minutiae of this alternate underwater world are rendered as giant pulsating organs, flourishing in vivid photo montages.

Supporting quotes:

Kristy Phillips, PhD; CEO/Founder: “Flatscreens are increasingly part of our every-day experience; they are at home, in offices, in social areas and in public spaces. This creates an enormous opportunity to bring the elegance and thought-provoking nature of video art out from traditional installations and into the space of the greater public.”

Christopher John Hobby: “We were attracted to the concept of ShinyArt because they are absolutely dedicated to introducing a new genre of new art to the masses in a way that is accessible to anyone and everyone. They are breaking down barriers of ignorance to the acceptance of a genre of art that is beginning to make its presence felt on a wider scale than ever before ”

Marisela La Grave: “This is the time when video art takes over liquid crystal displays all over the world. Video art has never had so much power and distribution possibilities as it does now. Technology and Art of the Twenty First Century are ready to go further and so are the people who realize it and see beyond TV. ShinyArt has the mission to connect video Art with evolved clients and collectors who see the importance of Video Art and would do what is necessary to show it in new and unexpected ways.”

P.E. Mish: “To me, ShinyArt is an expression of what is possible with video. Too often we focus on video or web or display technology but ShinyArt focuses on the content. It asks the question, what is being done with video that is innovative, and how do we get that content out to the world-at-large?

For more information

Kristy Phillips



twitter: @shinyart


About shinyartshinyart

KKP is CEO and Founder of ShinyArt - a company designed to transform dull HD flat screens into canvases for some of the world’s most compelling moving art. She is also an art historian and adjunct professor at several schools in the Bay Area.
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