ShinyArt artists look at New York

PMish, resident ShinyArt artist and cinematographer has just released a new music video for Shakespeare that showcases his talents at capturing the essence (and the ideal) of the urban experience in America. I love the gritty textures, the vintage feel of the “tape” with the “dust” streaks and spontaneous flashes, the strong contrasts…and the song is pretty good too!

I also wanted to introduce the video/audio partnership between Russell J.  Chartier and Paul J. Botelho that went up recently on ShinyArt. If PMish presents the cool and stripped-down side of city living, Chartier offers up an alternative glimpse of urbanity that is isolating and disorienting even as it pulsates with energy and life. The textured effects on the images are produced by feedback loops uplinked to satellites then downlinked back to Earth. These “feedback loops” were manipulated with various pieces of broadcast equipment through the looping process and were then further manipulated in the post production process.

Both of these artists shot their work in NYC, and it’s fascinating to compare the completely different ways each saw the city. While Mish’s video has a certain easy timelessness about it,  in Confined 10-01-2, with Chartier’s images and Botelho’s audio fragments, time governs the pace of every movement as the rapidly descending digital clocks creates a kind of breathless feel to the whole composition.

Which reminds me – my alotted time for writing this post is up!


About shinyartshinyart

KKP is CEO and Founder of ShinyArt - a company designed to transform dull HD flat screens into canvases for some of the world’s most compelling moving art. She is also an art historian and adjunct professor at several schools in the Bay Area.
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