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ShinyArt artists look at New York

PMish, resident ShinyArt artist and cinematographer has just released a new music video for Shakespeare that showcases his talents at capturing the essence (and the ideal) of the urban experience in America. I love the gritty textures, the vintage feel … Continue reading

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All the world’s a critic

I have never seen the reality show Work of Art before, but I get what it’s about – a kind of Project Runway for artists. I did know that Jerry Saltz was judge on the show and found that amusing … Continue reading

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water and its consequences

After viewing James Stone’s riveting new ShinyArt work, Protozone Origin, I cannot help but think of how poignant (and terrifying) this work really is if you look at the status of water around the globe. Protozone Origin features three sites … Continue reading

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where games, technology, and art collide beautifully

Bill Viola, of course, is semi-divine in the world of new media art. Not only does he push the boundaries of what video is capable of caputuring and manipulating, but like a contemporary Da Vinci, he also invents new devices … Continue reading

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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

I have found that at least in my life, the “feast or famine” metaphor always seems to work well. I either have tonnes to do, or nothing; lots of feedback, or none; a pile of good ideas, or very few; … Continue reading

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Looking for my dude and the elephant

I was trying to think of a good assignment for my students that would involve blog posts when I realized that my own blog has been sadly quiet for a couple of days. So here I am – always more … Continue reading

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Um, I said “Om”

Om. The first sound resonating throughout the universe heralding the source of all existence. Not bad for just a sound, eh? This is the powerful monotone that I hear in my head every time I take a look at the … Continue reading

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