Nuts n’ Bolts

Not as delicious as Bits n’ Bites, but important nonetheless.

YOU have spoken and WE have heard you! I know that some very patient and incredibly talented artists have been having some technical difficulties posting to ShinyArt. There are so many digital permutations of artwork out there and they all seem to require different backend configurations if we want them to be of superior quality.

OF COURSE, the most important thing for us is to see ALL of your remarkable work, and to start promoting it for flat screens around the city/nation/world! So….the parameters for uploading have been altered, and artists should be to upload work to the database relatively seamlessly.


We are still ravenous for your feedback and any accounts of your experience with the site that you can offer. ‘Cause we’re just figuring this out too šŸ™‚

Food for thought today? Check out this neat this online museum that is opening in August – can you say paradigm shift (5x fast; ok, 10x fast)?

Gracias for your patience, support, and bright ideas!


About shinyartshinyart

KKP is CEO and Founder of ShinyArt - a company designed to transform dull HD flat screens into canvases for some of the worldā€™s most compelling moving art. She is also an art historian and adjunct professor at several schools in the Bay Area.
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