ShinyArt starts blogging!

ShinyArt is an idea that is getting ready to hatch in a very big way.

This blog, in conjunction with the sparkling and newly-released, are important steps in this exciting process – so please feel free to comment, comment, comment! We are designing and re-designing at a frantic rate…..

So what is ShinyArt? The official website line is that ShinyArt endeavors to transform flat screen televisions into dynamic works of moving-image (or video) artwork.

The genesis of the idea came to me a couple of years ago when my sister in Toronto had her house remodeled. I noticed that the interior designer situated her flat screen TV over the fireplace. I realize that this is a tremendously popular aesthetic right now, but I shuddered to think about how these big, black screens were taking up more and more wall space that was traditionally the place for artwork!

When the television is switched off (which is most of the time – at least 20 hrs a day), a rectangular black hole sits sadly on the wall. But there is a super easy way to bring art back to the wall, and to enhance our living spaces with moving artwork – it’s called ShinyArt.

The phenomena of the flat screen not only dominates the prominent walls of our homes, but they also abound in public spaces like hotels, restaurants, clubs, spas, casinos etc.. And while the screens themselves may be slick, beautiful, glossy and just plain cool to look at, what about their content?? A little bit of moving art in these spaces helps to create immersive and memorable experiences for the public. Wouldn’t you like to see short, visually stimulating videos as you wait in line at the hotel reception?

So ShinyArt’s purpose is to bring together some of the world’s most interesting and provocative video art (you’ll get a definition of this tomorrow!) and to provide a painless system whereby clients can easily and affordably download artwork and then transfer it to their internet-enabled flat screens (more about this later too).

The idea is simple. The time is just around the corner.

In the meantime, I will use this blog to keep you updated about ShinyArt’s development; the pitfalls and pratfalls of starting a business; the amazing video artists and websites that I am “discovering”; and general pontificating about the ways in which ShinyArt represents a major shift in the way we think about, talk about, experience, and live with art.

Ciao for now and thanks for your interest!


About shinyartshinyart

KKP is CEO and Founder of ShinyArt - a company designed to transform dull HD flat screens into canvases for some of the world’s most compelling moving art. She is also an art historian and adjunct professor at several schools in the Bay Area.
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